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Ushering Spring in with Song

Catherine’s penultimate high school choral concert brought a breath of spring to our corner of the world last night, even if the temperatures were in the 30s and the wind was howling. The spring concert is a more serious program than the choruses’ other outings, with the kids stretching their voices and horizons singing serious … Continue reading

Here They Come A-Caroling

Greenwich High School’s five choirs rang in the holiday season in fine form last night, presenting a delightful night of seasonal tunes. Those of us who were starting to feel Grinch-y as we plowed our way through holiday tasks had our attitude adjusted in quick order. As with all things that will happen this year, … Continue reading

In Concert

First choral concert of the new year last night at Greenwich High and the kids are already killing it, practicing hard on their way to February’s trip to Hawaii. I can’t help but think back to the elementary school concerts and — a few of my readers will surely remember — the singing sessions at … Continue reading

Flashback Friday: The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd

Catherine’s concert this week got me thinking: She comes by those vocal chops naturally (click at the end of this post for another song from Wednesday’s concert). By the time I was her age, I had been singing my way through life — church choir, school chorus, school plays, driving my mother crazy around the … Continue reading

Can you hear the people sing?

Pops concert last night — the last choral concert of this school year and a treat as always. I never cease to be amazed at the talent the kids have or how well they perform under the hot lights in all those layers of polyester. There was a lovely send-off for the seniors, which I … Continue reading