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Sugar, spice and everything nice

It’s a tough crowd here in Havemeyer Park. Out for a quick pre-yoga class walk Monday night, I heel-toed it past a home in the neighborhood where some gardening was under way. A young mom was weeding under the watchful eye of her “supervisor,” a blond-haired magpie who looked to be about 3 years old. … Continue reading

Queen of the mountain

Out for a walk last night, I went in the opposite of my usual direction and spied this: Of course I needed a closer look. It turned out to be a little lean-to made of twigs and branches, just big enough for a child-size Adirondack chair. Perched atop a rock outcropping, it makes a perfect … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Put Your Hands Up

Basil’s march through the file cabinet continues, unearthing all manner of things we’ve squirreled away. Some of them — like the receipt for the long-dead vacuum — make us shake our heads. Others elicit smiles (and make me question the logic of Basil’s filing system). Take this, from when Catherine was 6, or so we … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Happy (Almost) Birthday, Baby!

Flashback today to Basil’s birthday. Tomorrow, he will be 58. (Yes, I know I’m a day early, but Flashback Saturday lacks alliteration and, besides, around here, folks know he prefers a full monthlong celebration.) This is a great photo. As with all pictures taken before we became so crop-happy, it’s the details that get me: … Continue reading

End of innocence

This is not a post about coming of age, but rather the passage of time and how it steals our youthfulness. Tonight on the way home, as my heart was singing theĀ TGIF song and I was checking the grocery list in my mind, I glanced to the right while stopped at a traffic light and … Continue reading

A butterfly gets her wings

Catherine has highlights. We spent Saturday afternoon at the salon getting her first real grownup hairstyle. By the time the hairdresser was done, Catherine had morphed from teenager to young lady. Basil and I are amazed at what a few finely tuned swipes of color can do. She looks a little older, and the new … Continue reading