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More naked truths

All at once, body image issues are dogging me, mocking me, making me face the stark reality about my own hangups. And like that first-morning look in the mirror, it ain’t pretty. Turning 46 was like walking through an invisible curtain: Suddenly, there’s more gray and more wrinkles, more difficulty reading small type, more unexpected … Continue reading

The naked truth about my body of work

My friend, Kristen, wrote a terrific blog post today that had me smiling, nodding my head and even laughing out loud. It was about her recent trip to the spa and how it had her baring more than her soul — a very uncomfortable prospect even for someone as fit and beautiful as she is. … Continue reading

Let’s hear it for the girls!

Male readers of this blog: Avert your eyes. I need to talk to the girls about … well … the girls. Saturday afternoon found me shopping for bras in Macy’s. Time, Tide and my new Body by Jazzercise made the excursion necessary. The old undergarments were no longer holding up their end of the bargain and I needed … Continue reading