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Zombie Apocalypse , College Parent Edition

Overnight, I was elected to a new society of parents I didn’t realize existed. If there is a special name for us, I’m not yet privy to it, yet I can pick out others of our ilk at just a glance. We are the exhausted, beleaguered, at-the-end-of-our ropes parents of incoming college freshmen, and like gazelles … Continue reading

Back to School Daze

Tomorrow will be my last Back to School night, the final of 13 annual treks to school to get the lay of the land for the year ahead. It is bittersweet. Even as a mom I carry a childlike excitement about the start of school, with its new supplies, different teachers and vast stores of … Continue reading

One more time, with feeling

Senior year is officially under way. Catherine is no longer a “rising senior”; she’s the real deal. The bus just ferried her away. I hid among the trees and bushes and snapped this photo of her walking to the bus stop: And then I stood in the yard and watched until I couldn’t see the … Continue reading

Too school for cool

It’s here! The first day of school is tomorrow! Just like the Staples ad, I think it is a “most wonderful time of the year.” There’s something about September that makes me stand a little straighter, be a little more organized, and renew my resolve to get things done. More than with the change of the … Continue reading