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The 1 Question Adoptees Can Never Truly Answer (And Why They Keep Asking It)

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of posts for National Adoption Awareness Month that seeks to #FlipTheScript on the adoption narrative. If you’re also an adoptee, I invite you to add to the conversation in the comments below. Rob is the adoptive father of a grown son and daughter and a friend with … Continue reading

The searching adoptee’s lament: ‘I wasn’t whole. I didn’t belong. I needed to know’

Here in National Adoption Awareness Month, adoptees like me continue to #FlipTheScript on the dialogue around adoption, finally putting emphasis on how adoptees feel instead of letting everyone else drive the greater conversation around adoption. Last week’s post considered the notion of adoptee as “lucky.” This post looks at a theme I explore in the book I’m writing … Continue reading

For adoptees, life as an inconvenient truth

Sandee sobs as she tells me her story. Adopted as an infant, the now 51-year-old flight attendant from Florida struggled for most of her life trying to make peace with being adopted and figure out her place in the world. She’s always felt like a fish out of water, but never before has she felt … Continue reading

For adoptees, it’s all about connections

As a searching adoptee, I faced a lot of questions from well-meaning people who just didn’t get it. “Didn’t you have a good childhood?” “Aren’t your parents your real parents?” “Shouldn’t you just leave it alone?” “Why rock the boat?” As I approach the year anniversary of connecting with Pat, my first mother, many of … Continue reading

In search of confirmation, validation … and myself

Life doesn’t turn out how you plan — if you can plan at all. I’m reminded of this today, because I’ve reached a tremendous milestone and it doesn’t feel a thing like I expected. Yesterday in the mail came the penultimate (don’t you love that word?) piece of information I needed to be 99% sure … Continue reading