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You gotta get up and try, try, try

We enjoyed a belated holiday celebration last night with our former neighbors. Now that we don’t see them over the fence or at the front door each day, it’s a great treat to spend time with them, see how big the kids are getting, hear the crazy things they say, see the youngest one (conceived … Continue reading

Today’s unexpected door prize

Funny how things are connected. This coming Thursday, my godson, Dominic, will have his Eagle Scout court of honor. I’m very proud of him and more than a little upset that I can’t zip up to Rhode Island to congratulate him in person. Instead I was able to mark the occasion closer to home when … Continue reading

(This is not a) Drive By

Happy to report I made it out of the driveway today. No, this is not a trick post. Turns out this morning, it was a little harder than usual to back out, and not on account of my questionable driving skills. Our neighbors, parents of an infant, need a looooooong nap. I may offer Catherine … Continue reading

On the straight and narrow once again

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief — the mower has been replaced. It took a trip to Sears, some research and haggling, but Basil emerged victorious. A brand, spanking new machine, chosen from among the returns whose price was even further reduced thanks to a long sheet of bar codes the clerk … Continue reading

A sure-fire cure for spring fever

Ah, spring! How wonderful to feel the warm sunshine and balmy breeze, see the spring bulbs blooming and the trees in bud. Like just about everyone else in the neighborhood, we celebrated the change of season last weekend by getting outdoors — albeit briefly. And as liberating as it was to shed some layers of … Continue reading

Good riddance, Irene, but thanks for the gift

How amazing that just a little bit of inconvenience can provide a bit of necessary perspective. Here we are now, 24 hours post-Hurricane Irene and the power is back on, new containers of ice cream are nestled in the freezer and the yard has been cleared of twigs and leaves. Many others up and down … Continue reading