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Wordless Wednesday — Walking the Red Carpet

Throwback Thursday — 21 Years and Counting

Twenty-one years ago, we were looking out the window at sheets of rain and trying to make the best of it. “Showers of happiness,” everyone said. Indeed. There has been much happiness — and too many laughs to count — in the time since. More than enough to get through the dips in the road. Happy … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — A Stroll Through Playland


Flashback Friday — Otherwise Engaged

Flashback 21 years, many permanent waves and one unfortunate choice of eyeglass frames to February 1993. These pictures were a surprise — taken by John, a former co-worker of Basil’s who is also the brother of Ann, one of the women I played in the Port Chester High School band with. I met Ann at the … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Worth the Weight

The picture isn’t old, but the jeans are. Flashback 15 years to the last time Basil was able to put these pants on, button them and still be able to breathe. Yup, he’s down 27 pounds now and quite proud of himself, as he ought to be. Folks out in the world are starting to … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — On Wedded Bliss

Flashback 25 years ago this week, to the wedding of my friend Jacquie and her husband Raymond. It was a memorable day. And not just because the groom’s brother thought it would be a good idea to leap from the motel roof into the pool to celebrate after the rehearsal dinner (his trick went off … Continue reading

Eat your hearts out, ladies…

… my husband does windows. He spent all day Monday on this task. Fun fact? When I met Basil 27 years ago, he was the Superintendent of Windows at the main Post Office in Greenwich, CT. Seriously. That building is now a Restoration Hardware, and he’s been retired for a year, but I guess windows stick … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Promtastic

There’s a good chance I will be in the doghouse for a long time after this post, but you must agree it will be worth it. As we are embracing all things prom this next week or so as Catherine prepares for her big day, Basil unearthed his prom pictures — a treat for the eyes … Continue reading

Boy Meets Grill

We have a new toy — a crazy fancy grill with every gadget known to man that’s piped into our house gas line. No more propane, and apparently no more hot spots. Basil hasn’t stopped talking about the grill, a Weber, naturally. He’s read the entire manual, perused every comment online that he can find … Continue reading

Never a Crossword

My husband is cheating. Oh, not in the way you might think. He’s taken to cheating on our shared crossword puzzles. In the past several months since the USPS “retired” him and I’ve been working entirely from home, we’ve fallen into a little game: I start the Sunday crossword, go great guns with it until … Continue reading