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Still young at heart

How could you possibly dislike a woman who introduces herself by making sure you know she never dated your husband? So went my introduction to Kirstie, a lovely classmate of Basil’s I met last night at the first of a weekend’s worth of reunion activities for the GHS Class of ’73. Here’s a picture of … Continue reading

Name game

No longer next door, but still in our hearts, our former neighbors continue to entertain us. Their four kids call us Mr. and Mrs. Basil, and as a result think of our family as “The Basils.” This week we found out just how ingrained the notion is. Basil stopped by to see them Tuesday and … Continue reading

(Jazzercise) Center of the Universe

What a special treat to start this weekend dancing in a room packed full of people to celebrate the wonderful community my friend, Kristen, has created in Stamford. Yesterday, the Jazzercise center she dreamed and made reality closed. Next week, we’ll start a new chapter, under the auspices of Lori, one of our instructors who … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — The Big Comfy Couch

The Staff of Life

It’s Band Night in Port Chester. I’m here in Old Greenwich, fresh from a killer body sculpting workout I’m sure to feel tomorrow, but my heart is on that football field. The field where I spent too many frosty early mornings to count practicing with numb fingers and sneakers soaked with the morning dew. Where … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Pomp and Circumspect

A bunch of us had a little fun yesterday piling on to a Facebook status of a former professor from Pace University, where I went to school. Judging by the comments, Denis Hurley remains a touchstone and mentor to many, but none of us has managed to quite get over the sting of his sharp-tongued … Continue reading

Ole, Opa and Our Life on the Fast Track

Lily invited us to her Cinco de Mayo-themed fourth birthday party yesterday; we had great fun watching her and her friends cavort in our former neighbors’ back yard. These days, we’re so stressed running from activity to obligation, being plugged in, crunching numbers, cleaning things, making deadlines, facing the music, and planning for the next … Continue reading

We still go together (rama, lama, lama, ka dinga da dinga dong)

When I arrived for practice with the Rye Town Community Band last night, I briefly thought I’d entered a time warp. Port Chester Middle School, where we practice, is putting on Grease. I couldn’t help but smile at the sets and the costumes neatly laid out in the practice room. (Our ninth-grade version of Greased Lighting … Continue reading

One of us is living the good life

It’s been just about two weeks since Basil retired, at least temporarily, and I’m pleased to report that neither of us has killed the other … yet. The transition continues for us both. I’m still not used to having him underfoot. He is not at all pleased when I refer to him as my concierge … Continue reading

Make yourself comfortable. Really.

So, we’re approaching our 20th wedding anniversary, which means most of the things we own are about 20 years old. Lately, I’ve been noticing the faded curtains; worn comforter, outdated stripes-and-flowers motif in the bedroom; the dishes that once looked so fresh and new; the bath towels that have been washed to within an inch … Continue reading

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